The Curse of Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

In a 1992 episode of The Simpsons, Homer is the star of the nuclear power plant softball team, until Mr. Burns decides to hire "ringers" to ensure his winning the city softball championship (and a million dollar side bet). A collection of major league stars comes to work at the plant, and incidentally, sign up for a softball team. Homer and his co-workers are consigned to the bench and Mr. Burns seems assured of victory.

However, a serious of bizarre incidents befalls the ringers, one by one. In real life, many members of this All-Star team also suffered bizarre incidents which hampered their effectiveness after the 1992 season. Fate, destiny, or mere coincidence? We'll let you be the judge.

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Team

P Roger Clemens Hypnosis convinces him he's a chicken Has not been an effective pitcher since 1992
C Mike Scoscia Radiation poisoning fromplant accident Injured, missed all of '93 season. Retired.
1B Don Mattingly Kicked off team for refusing to cut sideburns Numerous injuries, decline in power
2B Steve Sax Arrested on suspicion by Springfield Police Dept. Lost job, became .230-hitting role player
SS Ozzie Smith Enters Springfield Mystery Spot and disappears Slow decline in fielding skills
3B Wade Boggs Beaten up by Barney in Moe's Tavern brawl Average fell to .259. Signed with Yankees
LF Jose Canseco Busy rescuing furniture from burning house Arm & back injuries curtail career
CF Ken Griffey Jr Mr Burns' nerve tonic causes gigantism Actually nothing bad happened to him
RF Darryl Strawberry Pinch-hit for by Homer Simpson Drugs, alcohol, guns, disgrace

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