Visitor's Guide to Boston Baseball

By David Nevard

(c) 1994 Buffalo Head Society

Updated March 1998, December 1998.
Updated June 2000, February 2001
Updated December 2001

It occurs to me that ARSJ might consider something of a visitor's guide to Boston baseball. Some sample question arise. Even Hub subscribers might value a thoughtful list of places to show to their 8-year-old sons and 11-year-old daughters -- unless a good list is already compiled.

-Larry McCray, Arlington VA

Larry's Questions:

[1] Where is the Cy Young statue, and is it really at/near the Huntington mound site?
Go to Northeastern University

[2] Where is that McGreevy collection?
 Go to the Boston Public Library

[3] Is the Fenway tour recommended, and what are its hours?
Go to Service Gate D

[4] Is the New England Sports Museum worth finding?
  Go to the Fleet Center

[5] What's ARSJ's favorite bookstore for baseball stuff?
 Go to Ashland, Oregon

[6] Any point in hoofing it to Nickerson to spy the wall that remains from Braves Field?
 Go to Gaffney Street

[7] Where again is the spot in Kenmore Sq where Shoeless Joe was approached to help throw the '19 Series?
 Go to Kenmore Square

[8] It's the Eliot Lounge, isn't it, where Bill Lee hung out? [. . . but why, I've seen it and it's charmless].
 Go to the Eliot Lounge

More Places to See

[9] To the west of Boston, Babe Ruth's farmhouse
 Go to Sudbury, Mass.

[10] Baseball Ghosts: HOF Graveyards, Congress St., DiMaggio Tree
 Go to Mt. Hope Cemetery

[11] Fenway Park on Game Day
 Go to Fenway Park

[12] The site of the first perfect game
 Go to Worcester, Mass.

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