McCoy Stadium Renovations

With the 1998 season still in progress, the parking lot of McCoy Stadium gradually turned into a construction site.While fans entered through the main gate, chain link fencing surrounded the outskirts of the ballpark.

McCoy Stadium parking lot

By November, the chain link fencing was extended to surround the entire parking lot. Only construction vehicles were allowed in the lot. From the outside, the stadium appeared to be unchanged. But inside, it was just a mere shell of itself. The inner bowels of McCoy Stadium were gutted out, and the front office staff took up residence in two temporary trailers on the outskirts of the parking lot.

October 3, 1998 was the eve of destruction for the Boston Red Sox as they fell to the mighty Cleveland Indians in the playoffs. At the same time, McCoy's destruction and construction efforts were in full force. A new entrance from center field, with access from Division Street, will mean additional parking for the McCoy faithful.

By November 20th, the parking lot and framework of a scoreboard took shape. The sod was down and rooting. While not visible here, the bases were even set in place. We got sun, we got sod. We got bases. Let's play 2!

February 5th, - progress continues on the rightfield scoreboard and the bleachers from the 1st base line have been moved to right-center field.

The view from the soon to be build tower entrance down the left field line on October 3, 1998

What a difference 7 weeks can make. The grass is a lush green on November 20th. And here the bases really are visible on the infield.

The new left field grandstand and tower entrace begins to take shape on February 5th as the Iron Workers work overtime and all the pieces fit like a glove.

The new left field grandstand and tower entrace was complete on Opening Day. The new main entrance includes a gift shop on the street level which is open year round.

The view from the Left Field Bar & Grille, October 3, 1998

The view from the Left Field Bar & Grille, November 20, 1998

The view from the Left Field Bar & Grille, February 5, 1999

The view from the Left Field Bar & Grille, will never be like this one in April, 1999 from high above the tower entrance. On a clear day, you can see Attleboro!

The McCoy outfield takes shape on February 5, 1999 with a berm in left field, a building in center field, and bleachers & picnic area in right field.

The new McCoy outfield in its final form in April, 1999. The berm in left field has grass, the building in center field is complete with concession stand and restrooms, and bleachers & picnic area in right field are ready to be filled. No minor league park would be complete without advertising on the outfield fence.

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