The Legend of Wally, the Green Monster

by Maxwell M. Carey

Illustrated by Marilyn Mase

Dunfey Publishing, 1997

Wally must be very old, because the book says he was living in the Fenway neighborhood when the Park was built, and that was in 1912. But he looks young. He didn't begin living in the left field wall until 1947. That was when they took the big advertising signs off it and painted it all green. Someone pointed to the wall and said it was a Green Monster. Wally thought they were talking about him.

In 1997, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Green Monster, Wally was introduced to the fans at Fenway Park. The adults didn't much care for a Philly Phanatic-type mascot romping around, so Wally doesn't appear during games any more.

But Wally has become much beloved by the children, and can usually be found out in the street before the game or under the stands when the Sox are playing.

This book has some big words, so a first grader will probably need some help. It's a fun story, especially if the child is a Red Sox fan. The illustrations are very well done.

Nicholas gives it an enthusiastic Two Thumbs Up!

Review by David Nevard and Nicholas Neu

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